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Historically economic & financial volatility has always being challenged through market driven demand in the financial world. Many claim a solution to handle these (black swan) events. Due to lack of predictability of these uncertainties, the traditional way to handle this situation was more of reactive in nature. Aarsh not following the traditional method provides a proactive, efficient and effective solution. Aarsh aggressively postulates effective enterprise risk Management framework. Aarsh is designed to provide the high quality, value added services to the financial service industry, health care services, telecomm, energy & utilities and government. A joint venture emerged out through highly synergic participation of Aarsh incubated at IIT Kanpur. At micro level Aarsh is a product researched by technical team consisted of Risk Management professionals, Economists and Technocrats. This gave Aarsh solid & reliable foundation with highly adaptive proactive solutions in today’s market. Aarsh Management solutions Pvt Ltd-a reliable partner in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Analytics solutions has been in the market since 2009, providing its risk management products and professional services to various organizations globally.

Aarsh is a joint venture with IIT Kanpur (The premier Technology Institute – Known as Harvard of India) started by accomplished Bankers, Risk Management Professionals, Economists and Technocrats, accordingly our ERM Solutions boasts of a product line that is based on established and pioneering research as well as among the most practical and relevant risk management solutions in market today.

Aarshs advanced risk management framework and technology combined with risk analytics drives this culture by providing the CRO a 360 degree view of risks across the enterprise in a proactive manner. Thus allowing the lines of business to conduct their business within the domains of risk culture built into the business model. This very philosophy backed by regulators and Industry best practices are driving the Board Rooms globally, as core KPIs of the organization. The technology is as good as a reliable framework which helps in keeping organizations well ahead of the curve about the nature and magnitude of risk that is on hand in pursuit of a business value along with its leading indicators and its associated impact to enable Organizations rightly focus their time and resources in the areas pertinent to their business model, thus optimizing the overall cost / benefit ratio.

Aarsh Management Solutions Pvt Ltd. – a reliable partner in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Analytics Solutions has been in the market since 2009 providing its risk management products and professional services to various organizations globally.

Aarsh caters to the verticals of Banking, Health Care, Insurance, Telecom, Energy and Government.

To provide dependable Enterprise Risk Management products and services with competitive price-performance ratio to our customers. “Bringing the best to everyone we touch” through People, Products, and Ideas. These three pillars will remain the foundation upon which we continue to build our success.
To be a customer-centric organization in bringing Risk domain expertise backed by state of the art technology at affordable prices to your doorsteps. To develop and deliver forward looking Risk Analytics solutions to our customers, consistently outperform our peers, produce predictable earnings for our shareholders, and provide a team oriented dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.
We are committed to be a responsible corporate citizen within the markets we operate with the enduring values of commitment to Sustainability, Innovation and Excellence along with Value Creation, Integrity, Accountability, and Flexibility.

Aarsh Upright Approach


360 degree View of risks
in proactive manner.


Philosophy backed by industry
best practices


Optimizes the overall
cost / benefit ratio.

Some Words From Our Clients

We thank Aarsh Management Solutions to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization through more robust risk management system and continuity plan.


Thanks to Aarsh we have now robust & cutting edge enterprise risk management framework in place. The team exemplified how good communication, constructive team work and individual dedication can lead to quick, successful and effective delivery.

Coordinator, SIIC

Thank you for your effort, knowledge sharing session was informative & useful. It would help me to understand how the computation is being done at the Back-end. I learned about Internal Loss data management, loss data analysis, external loss data management and loss distribution approach. I would certainly take inputs from the session and try to implement these in my working.


We thank Aarsh Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for their valuable contribution through training & advisory programme on Operational Risk Management.